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We found the OSP blog in the attic and decided to give him a second life..
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What have we been up to?

What is that? Some says that those snapshots are to our work what the pictures of a cookbook are to the cooked meal. Source files = ingredients. These arrangements of blocks of text and pictures try harder to depict the most current projects, their narratives, some selected visuals and the source files of everything. We warmly welcome you to study them, improve them, to redistribute copies of them and release your improvements (or unstable versions as you like). Nous sommes embarqués. Read more about the way we work →




Stéphanie Vilayphioublabed

— Constant's asbl statutes as an example

Tuesday, 16th September 2014 - 00:28



— Merge branch 'master' of

Friday, 22nd August 2014 - 16:48



— nouvelle version transfert budget

Friday, 22nd August 2014 - 16:47



— this should update 'outgoing' on the 2014 budget

Thursday, 14th August 2014 - 23:49



— update admin

Wednesday, 25th June 2014 - 21:10





— more stickers

Monday, 15th September 2014 - 17:55



— Merge branch 'master' of

Monday, 15th September 2014 - 16:56



— some colored stickers

Monday, 15th September 2014 - 16:55


Pierre Huyghebaertblabed out

— et rajouté en gros hack les 3 blocs flèche en bas

Monday, 15th September 2014 - 08:44


Pierre Huyghebaerttold

— la fin de la série d'ajustements divers

Monday, 15th September 2014 - 08:40




colmlet the cat out of the bag

— a clone of the current 'osp' theme folder for offline work

Tuesday, 9th September 2014 - 10:56





— vers une font face de symboles musicaux Balsa

Monday, 8th September 2014 - 16:46



— Merge branch 'master' of

Monday, 8th September 2014 - 16:42



— corrections madeleines

Monday, 8th September 2014 - 15:15


Stéphanie Vilayphioulet loose

— dernière mouture du programme du festival: prêt pour la première relecture

Monday, 8th September 2014 - 01:02


Stéphanie Vilayphiouverbalised

— premier test de gravure Laid Out, concocté par Tom Lechner

Monday, 8th September 2014 - 00:59





— ajout de graphes de dispersion lieux et personnages pour la page test de Ice

Tuesday, 26th August 2014 - 14:56



— Fixing the dispersion script on Cath's computer

Monday, 25th August 2014 - 12:23


cathlet the cat out of the bag

— la liste des mots lieux et personnages - dispersion plot

Friday, 22nd August 2014 - 15:26


cathblabed out

— Merge branch 'master' of

Friday, 22nd August 2014 - 15:18


Alexandre Lerayemited

— Suite de la réorganisation

Friday, 22nd August 2014 - 12:02




Eric Schrijversaid

— Normally < > characters are escaped, when embedding html we want them as they are!

Monday, 25th August 2014 - 17:00


Eric Schrijverdiscovered

— Try to find a document that can function as the home-page: index.something, readme.something

n.b. Derby doesn’t like regexes in the query, we should use the $regex operator

Monday, 25th August 2014 - 16:51


Eric Schrijversaid

— Display preview or download link for binary files

For now there is just a preview for image files. In the future these previews could be handled
by tailored derby components, and a dedicated function that chooses the right component
based on mime type. In case no preview is found, a download link is presented.

BTW, in the derby.js template I couldn’t use a regex à la .match(/image\/(jpeg|gif|png)/i)

Friday, 22nd August 2014 - 16:51


Eric Schrijverconfessed

— With /raw/ route, server can provide the raw resource in its most recent form

In the case of a text-based resource this is from the database, otherwise it is from disk.

Friday, 22nd August 2014 - 16:26


Eric Schrijversaid

— Fix print button

(it always pointed to index.html)

Tuesday, 19th August 2014 - 13:01




Stéphanie Vilayphioublabed

— Visit http://localhost:8000/regions-polyfill.html to test CSS regions
with browsers which don't support this feature natively.

Tuesday, 19th August 2014 - 14:13


Stéphanie Vilayphioucried

— update todo

Tuesday, 19th August 2014 - 14:13


Stéphanie Vilayphiousaid

— spread button

Tuesday, 19th August 2014 - 14:13


Stéphanie Vilayphioubabbled out

— main section: overflow hidden

Tuesday, 19th August 2014 - 14:13


Stéphanie Vilayphioulet loose

— rm error in page number

Tuesday, 19th August 2014 - 14:12




Eric Schrijverbabbled out

— Ethertoff has an animated iceberg

Wednesday, 6th August 2014 - 23:24


Eric Schrijverpeached

— Go through with file metaphor the css pad is called style.css

This is 36c8b957bb6490ef52d68420c43f5a8b47ddbc5a from etherbat!

Monday, 30th June 2014 - 08:26


Eric Schrijversaid

— Show special characters in the uri

I’m not sure we even need to encodeUriComponent: the browser should take care of that behind the scenes

Sunday, 29th June 2014 - 15:19


Eric Schrijverpublished

— Don’t actually delete pads from Etherpad, just from the Django (makes some things easier)

Saturday, 28th June 2014 - 21:20


Eric Schrijverbring out

— It bugged for those pads without actual meta keys

Wednesday, 9th April 2014 - 12:27